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21st Century Punks: Hospitality Staff Uniforms Get a Transformation

01 April 2018

New Street Food Concept Restaurant Showcases Punk Uniforms as Antidote to Hipster Culture

JSD recently received a brief from a new concept restaurant chain to design a uniform that would both showcase their brand and provide the latest in practical features.

Background: The street food scene has been taken over by slick-bearded hipsters who have turned the tradition of hygiene-light, greasy roadside snacks into a corporate niche, taken over by City types and venture capitalists as part of the Establishment.

The Concept: English and Scottish street food going back to its roots with no-nonsense, brusque service. The chain’s vision is to put punk at the forefront of its brand ethos as an antidote to the conformist hipster movement and their clean-living ideals.

The Solution: A Punk Uniform

Punk Themed Waiting Staff Uniform

A meta-punk staff uniform

As a counterpoint to the Shoreditch hipster Establishment uniform of “wearing whatever you fancy”, JSD’s designers were inspired to create a meta-punk staff uniform as the ultimate anti-establishment act of defiance, ironically promoting individual freedom by allowing people to choose a uniform rather than be forced to wear what they want.
Playing on the ideologies and fashion of 1970s punk, this new uniform challenges the mainstream with anti-hipster statements while at the same time adopting the latest fabric and wearable tech to bring punk street food dining into the 21st Century.


Guitar Motif Apron with “Record your own slogan” option: slogan t-shirts, the mainstay of punk fashion, are currently enjoying a renaissance in hipster circles. Our designers wanted the apron to offer the greatest freedom of expression by not having a slogan at all, leaving it up to the individual to create a new slogan whenever they wanted. To achieve this, a state-of-the-art, custom-designed recording patch has been sewn into the guitar motif so that each waiter can record their own slogan into their apron and whenever they strum their apron guitar, the slogan will be lit up in LEDs on the apron.

Tartan Bondage trousers: tartan is not only a nod to Scottish street food but an homage to the London punk scene of the late 70s and early 80s. Back then, ripping clothes was seen as an anarchic act whereas now, rips are manufactured into clothes to make them appear more fashionable. Our anarchic statement was to Teflon coat the tartan trousers instead. Stain and spill-resistant fabric also offers a functional benefit for wait staff.

Bondage shoulder boulder: the faux leather bondage details pay tribute to the punk era but this heat-resistant, leather look fabric also contains memory foam padding that recalls the shape and weight of a tray. To conform to OHSE regulations, our designers have created a shoulder protection “boulder” providing wait staff with added support and protection from heat and spillages when carrying heavy trays of jellied eels and deep-fried Mars Bars on their shoulders.

Delicacies - Jellied Eels and Deep Fried Mars Bars coming up!
Delicacies – Jellied Eels and Deep Fried Mars Bars coming up!

Doctor Marten Boots – with in build sound system: Dr Martens, the iconic footwear of the punk era have been hijacked by the hipster establishment. The JSD designers wanted to reclaim Doc Martens and add a punk twist. These Docs are not only waterproof and non-slip, but are equipped with a touch-sensitive sound system. When the wearer stomps their feet, the DMs play a preset punk rock playlist. Currently in development, tracks will likely include punk anthems by The Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, The Ramones, and Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Scented Spiked Mohican: facial hair is not a compulsory part of the uniform. In fact, it is, if anything, discouraged as being too conformist. Instead, Mohicans are offered as an optional part of the punk uniform. Each spike is scented with street food to entice customers to order those dishes off the menu.

Angry, intimidating stare: friendly, smiling waiting staff who explain the menu by rote are suppressing their individual freedom of expression. Instead, waiting staff are advised to adopt an aggressive stance with customers to offer a more authentic street food experience.

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