Size Matters

” A functional uniform is now not only a matter of appearance, comfort and productivity but more than ever, safety too”  Self-sizing smartphone apps and motion capture technology have revolutionised uniform manufacturing technology. Trying on a garment ultimately remains the best way for the individual wearer to size themselves accurately. But even this method, which […]

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The OCADO Award Winning Uniform Features in the PIC Magazine

Delivery personnel are very much the face of Ocado – the online grocery store and one of the UK’s top ten fastest-growing brands [see BRANDZTM THE UK’s TOP PERFORMING BRANDS 2019]. The well-being and appearance of these staff is critical to the success of this high-performance company. The OCADO Award Winning Uniform Features in the PIC Magazine […]

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Week 5: We have insufficient stock (the importance of a first class stock platform)

Whenever a company is buying in quantity there is room for negotiations on the per unit price.  Maximising a company’s buying power so that it has enough on-site workwear is key to being prepared for your company’s uniform needs.  Along with maximising the buying powers, ensuring that they also have a robust inventory platform is […]

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Uniforms and cultural identity (embracing diversity in the workplace)

The religious and cultural identity of an employee can have a direct impact on their productivity and performance at work.  A failure to recognise these aspects of an employee’s life can easily transmit to a lack of thought or a lack of acceptance of the employee’s heritage.  Progressive employers in today’s market embrace the religious […]

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Week 3: My Uniform Doesn’t Allow Me to Express Myself (uniforms with choice)

In the 21st century, the importance of the individual and freedom of expression has been drummed into our heads from a very young age. Our differences are something to be celebrated, not hidden nor denied. To that end, a uniform may appear to be, on the surface, the very antithesis of individuality. A company seeking […]

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Week 2: My Uniform Is Uncomfortable (the importance of designing for size and body shape)

Well Designed Corporate Uniforms can deliver a major brand boost to your business and create pride in the wearer. However, if they’re poorly designed and not fit for purpose, the effect can be equally as damaging to your company’s reputation. An ill-fitting uniform can cause limitations to work performance and productivity, reducing the level of company […]

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jSD blog series: Common Complaints About Corporate Uniforms

“During our 40 years in the Corporate Wear Industry, JSD has been faced with challenges of every size and shape. No question the Covid crisis has required us to take special measures  to come up with a fit for purpose response. With such a focus on safety in everything we do as we come out […]

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Designing Re-useable Facemasks

At jSD, as an established supplier of PPE to NHS and other frontline workers, we have been pioneering PPU (Personal Protective Uniforms).  As part of the initiative to incorporate protective elements into our bespoke corporate uniforms, we have tasked ourselves to find the most effective and durable materials that will protect our clients staff, while […]

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PPE & Your workplace

It’s a well-known fact that PPE will not only provide protection for your staff, it also makes them feel valued and increases morale.  That confidence in our employers has never been so necessary as now, as we contemplate returning to the workplace in a post-Covid market.  Since the 1992 legislation passed requiring employers to provide […]

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Designing PPE for Real People at Work

The BBC website has been highlighting a cause close to our hearts at jSD – how to design clothing for real people at work. Clothes that are fit for purpose and fit all shapes and sizes. PPE ‘designed for women’ needed on frontline PPE is no different – one size does not fit all. No-one […]

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Charlotte McHardy talks complexities of PPE sourcing & distribution on CNBC

With the challenges of the Corona pandemic widening, at jSD we took the opportunity to evaluate where our global supply chain could potentially meet the growing demand for personal protective equipment (PPE). As a company, we fully audit all of our supply partners across the globe to ensure they meet our high standards, both in […]

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David Lloyd Offers Up It’s Largest Gyms as Hospitals

David Lloyd Health Clubs are joining the frontline of assisting the government in their preparation for further COVID-19 patients. Having worked with David Lloyd for over 12 years, we weren’t surprised to hear that they are in discussion with the government to open up their larger health clubs as field hospitals to help combat the […]

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Dyson Rises to National Challenge with New Portable Ventilator

British companies have historically risen to the challenge of national crisis with resolve and inventiveness.  This statement could not ring more true than when applied to [jSD]’s new global client Dyson who have, in a matter of days, designed and developed an entirely new portable ventilator specifically for COVID-19 patients. The new ventilator, aptly named […]

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As a London-based designer and manufacturer of uniforms for international clients, Jermyn Street Design [jSD] is doing all we can to help address the shortage of Personal Protection Equipment [PPE] within UK hospitals and other frontline health services. Many of our clients have been working selflessly to help tackle COVID-19. Our own resources, supply-chain and experience […]

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IHG Offers Hotel Rooms to Homeless

At Jermyn Street Design, we know that clients come to us because of our quality business values and our emphasis on sustainability.  That’s why it is always a joy for us to highlight a long standing relationship with a client who goes above and beyond the call of duty in these precarious times. We have […]

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