Close-up Interview 2009 with JSD

11 June 2009 | 0 Comments | News, Press

“I thought that moving from the fashion world to uniform design was a natural progression. It’s one thing to design clothes with someone vaguely in mind, but with uniforms you have real people putting them on every single morning, and therefore you must please them in every way – that’s a fabulous challenge.”

In this 2009 Close-up interview with, the industry’s leading website, JSD founder and Managing Director, Susanne Malim, appeals to suppliers and buyers to stop the price war and to work together to cut costs and to everyone to hold their nerve when it comes to price.

“It isn’t always about price,” she says in the interview. “Jermyn Street Design is gaining in a recession. In fact, we’ve never been busier and everyone knows that we aren’t the cheapest, although we are very competitively priced. We tend to win contracts on the strength of our design, and on the quality of our products and services.”

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