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Design Trends in Corporate Workwear Part 2

06 March 2017

In part 1 of this blog, we looked at which design trends we can expect to see in corporate workwear in 2017. There’s a return to 80s styling for women and 50s styling for men. Last year’s athleisure and utilitarian high street looks are set to continue and are spreading to uniform styles. The desire for more expression of individuality came through in more hand-finished, customised embellishments.


In part 2, we take a look at the corporate workwear wardrobe and see what styles will be coming to the fore. While uniform design does not follow seasonal fashion cycles, when bespoke corporate wear designers receive a brief, they will use many sources for inspiration in their research, including the latest fashion and design trends.

Uniform designers have the expertise and experience to select trends off the catwalk and high street and interpret them in a way that will add currency to a uniform, be versatile enough to suit a range of ages, sizes and shapes, and will last longer than a season or two. Some clients, such as in fashion, beauty and retail, need their image to stay fresh and current, so they may look at updating their uniform wardrobe more regularly. This needn’t involve an entire redesign but may mean changing one key item of clothing.

2017 Colour Trend Stories

In corporate workwear, colours are normally pre-determined by corporate branding guidelines and don’t follow changing fashions. However, bespoke uniform designers will keep an eye on upcoming colour trends. It could also be as simple as taking the year’s colour trends and cleverly waeving it in as an accent colour somewhere on the uniform, as an embellishment or an accessory, modernising the overall look – adding value and minimising costs.


Women: key tailoring trends 2017

2017 Ladies + Mens Trends -01


Jackets: Luxe 80s revival with boxy jackets, double-breasted styles,
and nipped-in waists.



Skirts: We’re seeing a more relaxed feel with the wrap-around kilts and full, pleated skirts, while midi pencil skirts give a nod to the 80s.






2017 Ladies + Mens Trends -02


Blouses: Think pussy bows, mandarin collars, waisted blouses that are draped not tucked in. It’s a softer, more feminine interpretation of the power dressing looks of the 80s.




Trousers: Cropped and flared trousers are two styles making a comeback. These can be dressed up with heels or offer a more utilitarian look with sneakers or flats.




2017 Ladies + Mens Trends jpg-05


Dresses: Easy-to-wear, relaxed shapes from shirt dresses, cone shapes, and fit-and-flare that can be customised or embellished, dressed up or down. Tuxedo dresses offer a smarter option with the 80s influence shining through.




Knits: Slouchy, flared knits complement the utilitarian mood while zipped, sporty cardigans channel athleisure styles.




Men: key tailoring trends 2017

2017 Ladies + Mens Trends -03


Jackets: Tweeds, checks, double-breasted and zips are all back this year and are a modern take on 50s style.




Trousers: Same goes for trousers as out go the skinny legs, and we see a 21st century take on classic 50s tailoring. Oxford baggies, pleats, high waists with tapered legs and turn ups on skinny legs.




2017 Ladies + Mens Trends jpg-05



Shirts: In shirt style, high collars and boxy, straight style shirts are easy-to-wear, with lots of pockets and zips for that utilitarian vibe.



Knits: Knits go retro with Burlington patterns, tight tank tops, zip-up cardis, and luxury polo shirts.







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