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Modernising the Most Recognisable Uniform of All!

12 December 2017

JSD Called in to Modernise the Most Recognisable Corporate Uniform of them all!

This winter the JSD uniform design elves have been busier than ever.  We’ve been called on to redesign the most iconic set of staff uniform ever, or at least we thought it might be time for an upgrade and decided to have a go.

Since Thomas Nast drew Santa for Harper’s Weekly in 1881, and Coca Cola gave him a spruce up for their ads in the 1930s, our jolly friend has been sporting the same bright red suit with white fur trim, stocking cap and black boots, tailored to fit his rounded belly and show off his pristine white beard.

Like most of our clients, Santa needed to remain recognisable and “on brand” wherever he might be working in the world.  We could not give our designers total free rein(deer) for a complete redesign, but we did ask them to make sure his workwear was brought thoroughly up-to-date.

This is what they came up with:

Suit Fabric:

Modern, high performance material is used for the main body of the suit using heavy duty, tear-resistant rip-stop fabric, with added stain resistance for sliding down chimneys without emerging covered in soot.  Due to the wide variety of temperatures in which Santa works, the jacket has a sherpa lining, fully removable when delivering to warmer countries.


That traditional white fur trim to Santa’s suit is replaced with safety conscious, high visibility, silver piping, still recognisable but far more animal friendly.

Pockets and Features:

Santa has a long night’s work ahead of him and needs to be able to charge his phone to ensure he can match up all the Chimneys with the right Christmas Lists.  His main jacket pocket includes top of the range in-garment charging technology, fed by reindeer energy.  Double pocket features mean his tech and his carrots no longer need to get mixed up and messy.


Santa’s traditional floppy hat is remodelled as an insulated beanie, attached to 3D glasses with integrated mapping systems, head up navigation display and night vision.

Beard Enhancement:

Whilst we can’t change much about Santa’s image, our designers did feel that an upgrade from white and fluffy to a glitter beard would both be seasonably appropriate and on point for 2017!

We hope you like him – and if your uniform needs a rework, do give us a call or drop us an email


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