New Center Parcs Uniforms By Jermyn Street Design

16 September 2014 | 0 Comments | Hotel and Hospitality Staff Uniforms, News, Press

Accepting a uniquely challenging brief, Jermyn Street Design has created a range of more than 50 different staff uniform items for Center Parcs. The uniforms are currently being distributed to 7,500 employees at all five UK Villages including the newest Village, Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire.

Ann Hatcher, Category Buyer for Center Parcs, comments: “We were looking for a unique clothing range that captured the essence of Center Parcs; a natural woodland setting. Jermyn Street Design has skilfully captured the ethos of Center Parcs and the staff uniform that they have created for us clearly reflects the essence of the brand.”

Responding to the initial brief, JSD put forward a design proposal, using Center Parcs branding. The JSD co-ordinated designs were modelled by Center Parcs staff at a fashion show, where a panel of their senior management asked detailed questions and gave feedback about every garment.

The use of colour was integral to the success of the new bespoke uniform. “Center Parcs wanted an original palette – colours they had never had before,” explains JSD designer, Christina Burke. “We wanted to explore warmer tones to work within the forest settings. Their ultimate choice was a palette of all the berry colours, together with fragrant lavender offset by woodland greens.”

JSD designers interpreted the green of the Center Parcs logo to give tips and flecks of lime against the black core range items. Subtle style details were added, such as contrast stab stitch, berry linings, button details and curved lines to echo the company’s bird logo.

Because Center Parcs staff work both indoors and outdoors, all year round, JSD created layered effects to offer warmth and protection where needed – including versatile two and three-layer soft shell bonded fleeces. Each of the Center Parcs restaurants were given distinct new looks: waistcoats and smart shirts for the more formal restaurants, through to polo shirts and aprons for casual dining.

The Aqua Sana staff required hardwearing and practical outfits to allow freedom of movement. JSD handled this as a separate project and used their years of experience creating uniforms for leading beauty brands such as Givenchy and Decléor. JSD created a fabric that looks like natural fibre but is easy care and requires no ironing.

JSD provides Center Parcs with total contract management across all of their locations. A bespoke online ordering system, complete with garment photographs, allocation controls and simple ‘two click’ ordering, provides Center Parcs with an automated ordering process and weekly delivery. “Each site manages its own uniform budget within departments, and because some staff cover more than one role and need a combination of uniforms, it required a deep understanding of the client’s specific requirements,” explains Ann Dowdeswell, JSD Director of Sales.

During roll-out, each employee receives a smart white suit carrier, branded with the JSD logo and containing their uniform goodies. At the height of the exercise, JSD is supplying 1,000 wearers a week – supported by the full JSD customer service team, warehouse and delivery logistics.

Ann Hatcher concludes: “JSD has met the challenge of providing uniform designs to a diverse range of teams at Center Parcs’ Villages. Our employees love their new workwear uniforms, from the smart, bespoke tailored suits to casual polo shirts; the innovative spa uniforms and the vibrant lifeguards’ outfits. It is vital for the staff uniforms to stand out, and for guests to be able to identify staff in many different environments at a glance.”

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