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Premiere Vision: A Designer’s Perspective

09 October 2017

Twice a year, JSD’s uniform design team head to Paris for Premiere Vision – a global event for fashion professionals that attracts over 60,000 leading fashion designers and buyers. While there, they also spend some time at neighbouring Texworld, with a heavier focus on mills from Asia and Far East.

Last month, armed with a shopping list, the JSD corporate clothing design team spent two days scouring the 5,000 sqm venue for stock, fabrics, accessories, new mills and manufacturers to support their current and upcoming projects. The Premiere Vision exhibition centre is so large that some people get about by electric scooter! Housed within six halls, suppliers shroud their wares in secrecy, hidden behind six-foot high dividing walls and viewings by appointment only. By contrast, at Texworld, things are much more open.

Looks aren’t everything

During their visit to Premiere Vision, they’ll meet with existing suppliers and see their new collections. As this isn’t a specialist trade fair dedicated to corporate wear, the designers need to be focused, disciplined and have a clear idea of what it is they are looking for in advance so they can hit the ground running and make the most of their visit. Once our designers see something they like, they’ll ask a few simple questions around manufacturing and supply chain, such as minimums, pricing, lead times, stock and sampling, so they can quickly assess whether a prospective new supplier will be a good fit for JSD. If not, no matter how great a fabric, it just won’t work.

Corporate Wear Inspiration

The team also uses it as a chance to gather inspiration from the innovations and new trends that are presented at Premiere Vision for the coming year. While many trends are seasonal and don’t always apply directly to designer uniforms (checks are big for A/W 18/19 if you want to know), they still offer great insights into what style and design trends will be important or remain relevant for the next few years.

Anti-UV and anti-bacterial materials have been in the market for a while but now we are seeing them appearing across a lot more fabrics, and moving into the casual and athleisure end of the market.

Developments in smart fabrics are fascinating. The latest innovations will see built-in medical sensors and other health tech coming online that could be of interest for the fitness and healthcare industries. This is still in the prototype stages and is cost-prohibitive to do at scale but it’s something to keep an eye on.

Heated clothing has slowly been making an entry into fashion with heated jackets and gloves. As the technology improves, more streamlined heat-warming panels in clothing could offer new opportunities within corporate uniform.

3D modelling and printing is another area to watch. As it reaches critical mass, will have an impact on the supply chain in the fashion and design industries. For smaller players, the ability to see 3D models of drawings and produce samples locally could help sales, reduce lead times and save cost.

The next Premiere Vision event will be held in Paris in February 2018 to unveil the S/S 2019 Collections. Our team will be back to pick up more inspiration and to see how new discoveries and technologies can be put to work in our own innovative corporate clothing designs.

Premiere Vision’s 5 Design Takeaways:

In 2018/19 watch out for:

• Firm Fineness – crushed felts, dense satins, slimmer quilting, refined and strong leathers, jewellery-like zips
• Sparks of Light – dashes of colour deep inside suitings, tweeds and across buttons, patterns and labels
• Nonconformist Humour – unconventional dcecroations, fancy yarns, cheeky embroideries
• A Taste for the Bizarre – fantasty patterns, unreal landscapes, swirling and hypnotic shapes
• Excessive Softness – leathers and velvets that are bumpier, puffier, supple and above all, soft


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