JSD have a highly experienced team and you can feel their passion and dedication in the way they deliver their service. They are a strategic fit to Eurostar


Our ability to deliver in-house design, development, tailoring and manufacture, plus online ordering – and to promise a dedicated personal service – helped win JSD this high profile contract. Eurostar briefed us to create a chic designer company uniform that its employees in the UK, France and Belgium would feel proud to wear. This meant us working in three different languages and across three cultures. The uniform redesign coincided with Eurostar’s £700m investment in a new fleet of re-branded trains.

“With JSD to guide us, we have created a uniform for men and women that reflects who we are and how we want to be seen,” says Pascale Wilson, Eurostar’s On-Board Services Contracts Manager. “The new look projects a modern, fresh, professional and elegant style.” The challenge was to create a uniform for station and on-board employees that portrayed Eurostar as more than a train company, but not an airline!

There is symbolism at every turn. The famous ‘e’ of the Eurostar logo, the ergonomic design of the new trains, the flow of the tunnel and the curved lines on reworked livery are constant themes within each garment. “Our main focus was how to capture the ‘e’ of the logo in one cohesive look, through colour, shape, fabrics and structure,” explains JSD designer, Christina Burke. The essence of the range is a mix of twill and flat fabrics, with the iconic Eurostar yellow introduced as a colour contrast to the metallic blue tones, subtle yet immediately visible. Two silk scarves and an elegant tie help to create the ‘wow’ factor.

Eurostar involved its staff every step of the way – to ensure they would enjoy wearing the new clothing and accessories. The design and development period ran for 23 months, and included customer and employee consultations. During this process, JSD cemented its already close working relationship with Eurostar. “As a company, they understand uniforms brilliantly and gave the process enough time to achieve the results they required,” confirms our Managing Director, Susanne Malim.

The new uniform designs were introduced to employees at 12 focus groups in the three countries. Then, all the employees took part in sizing days, to ensure a perfect fit. Eurostar staged three road shows, where employees voted on alternative designs. The uniforms were wear tested by 55 employees over four weeks and modifications made, before a second wearer trial. Sampling and resampling followed, until Eurostar and its employees were content. The roll out of the new uniform designs, for all on-board and station staff, took place simultaneously at London St Pancras, in Paris, Brussels and Lille.