Guinness World Records

“We are delighted with the quality and appearance of our uniform re-design and have complete confidence in the JSD team – we felt in safe hands throughout the process.”

Guinness World Records

An incredible 40,000 world records are currently recognised across the globe. Whenever a new record-breaking attempt takes place, it is overseen by a Guinness World Records Adjudicator. That’s an important official role that can involve public presentations and TV appearances. So the men and women who make up the 70-strong global Adjudication Team must be authoritative – and have a uniform that they feel proud to wear, that singles them out and ensures they look the part.

Enter Jermyn Street Design early in 2013, when Guinness World Records (GWR) approached us to upgrade the look and improve the quality of their existing Adjudicators’ uniforms for men and women. “They came to us to create a staff uniform that was really ‘stand out’ and appealed across the globe – far more than the previous designs they had,” explains JSD Managing Director, Susanne Malim. “Achieving a quality product that lives up to their brand was vital, too – and I convinced GWR that they could trust us to do that.”

Christina Burke, in-house designer at Jermyn Street Design, takes up the story.

“The brief from GWR was not to fundamentally change the style of the uniform for female and male Adjudicators – jackets, skirts, trousers and shirts. We knew that Guinness World Records were unsatisfied with the previous ‘off the shelf’ jacket because of its poor quality and detail. They wanted JSD to retain the preppy, establishment look, but to give it even more of a ‘heritage’ feel, whilst ensuring a better fit and cut, and improved quality at every step especially for the trimmings.

JSD has long experience of adhering to different clients’ strict brand guidelines. For GWR, that meant working with a palette of deep blue and grey, with strong secondary colours of teal, white and gold, says Christina Burke. “We strengthened the navy, and selected a subtle blue-grey tone to replace their existing grey. The fabric is our acclaimed corporate wear standard wool/poly/Lycra mix, which is durable and high quality.”

JSD offered a bespoke service for both jacket re-designs. Panels were cut through the body, and side seams introduced; this added length and gave a flattering, fitted shape.  The designers also cleverly engineered the cut of the lapel, setting grey fabric behind the blue to create a stylish stepped effect.

“The Adjudicators are based in 11 countries worldwide, including the UK and USA, China, Japan and Dubai,” explains Lucy Smith, Senior Account Manager at JSD, who continues to work closely with the GWR team internationally. “It means that although this is one of our smaller orders – just 70 wearers to clothe – the jackets are worn by women and men of all ages and sizes, and in a very broad range of climates and working environments.  So it had to be a design that suits everyone – and we offer from sizes 4 to 20 for women and 34 to 48 for men, with our standard MTO service for special sizes.”

Strengthening the Guinness World Records logo on the jackets was an important element of the brief to JSD. It is this, more than anything, which builds recognition for the Adjudicators. “The logo itself combines teal, gold and white on navy,” confirms Christina Burke, “and to make it stand out against the blue of the jacket, we strengthened the intensity of the gold star and set it on white for the first time.”

The teal is picked out again for the lining. And another key feature of the jackets is the gold braid, which JSD introduced to the top of the slanting pockets. We also specified bespoke gold look buttons, embossed with the GWR branding, to match the gold braiding.

The logo, this time in white, is now embroidered on the breast area of both the women’s and men’s white shirts. JSD specified both long and short sleeve styles in a crisp cotton-rich/poly, to give breathability in hot climates. The white sets off the ‘zazz’ of the jacket: the men’s shirt has a soft gold contrast edging on the cuffs plus soft gold buttons, ; the women’s shirt reverses this effect. Two tones of teal are used in a graduated effect for the scarf, while the men have an optional slim teal tie.

This contract delivered another ‘first’ for JSD. Part of the wearer trial was conducted on television!  “The trial was small but select,” explains Susanne Malim, “just eight adjudicators globally trialled the uniforms – in China, Japan, US and the UK. In Italy, the new designs appeared on a TV show – this was essential because we had to be sure that the uniforms were as camera friendly as possible. Feedback was positive : GWR loved the fabrics and the styling, and just asked us to change a couple of trims and tweak the branding.”

GWR places email orders direct to JSD. For the roll out in August 2014, we delivered stock to the client’s London HQ and they distributed it globally through their internal links. We hold the rest of the stock in our warehouse and release it when orders are received.

The client felt in safe hands throughout the process. We have built a strong working relationship with Guinness World Records, who have complete confidence that when JSD says something will happen … it really does!