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Kenneth Green Associates (KGA)

JSD has supplied stylish and practical staff uniforms to the KGA workforce since 2005. As the UK’s leading UK distributor of well-respected fragrance and beauty brands – including Jean-Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake, La Prairie and Jimmy Choo – Kenneth Green Associates has built an impressive reputation for its knowledge, passion, and the calibre of its clients. In 2009, KGA engaged JSD to design a new uniform, which launched to all wearers and multiple brands across 165 in-store UK sites and is still frontline today.

It has always been a pleasure to work with JSD. Your designers are innovative, creative and responsive to our requirements. We would not wish to work with anyone else.

Kenneth Green Associates

KGA needs high profile work wear that embodies the prestige brands it represents. The elegant, feminine design that our JSD in-house designers created introduced an innovative signature colour detail, used for both the detachable lapel bow and co-ordinating top.

This skilful use of colour enables KGA to highlight each of the specific brands it distributes, or to respond to demand from individual beauty houses for promotional launch differentiation.

This is a uniform that is not just beautiful – it meets the challenges of adaptability, hard-wear and easy care.  That’s why our work with KGA won the 2009 award for ‘Best Managed Boutique Contract’ at the Company Clothing Industry Awards.

Almost a decade after commissioning this stylish and practical work wear collection for prestige fragrance and beauty brand staff across UK stores, KGA decided to update the look in 2018. Once again, JSD was the first choice of partner.  Our in-house design team are working closely with the client and focusing on attention to detail, with fit and styling also key to the new look.

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