JSD consulted and worked with us at each stage of the design and development process for the new corporate clothing.  The Account Manager they assigned is a major asset and her management has been exceptional. Once the range was launched in our hospitals, the suiting JSD provided proved to be of an exceptional quality – our staff really are impressed!


Staff at Nuffield Hospitals had been wearing the same uniform designs for over 10 years and feedback showed that they no longer enjoyed going to work wearing them. So this private hospital provider made new corporate workwear an integral part of its major upgrade to create state of the art locations and a 5-star hotel look within a professional and caring environment for patients and their families.

JSD won the contract with Nuffield Hospitals to design and supply uniforms for their receptionists and administrative staff in 30 hospitals. And in a tri-party relationship, we contracted with the catering giant, Sodexo, to supply workwear for the hospitals’ hotel service and catering staff.

Our JSD Design Team presented a formal three-piece suit look – shirt/tie with waistcoat and jacket for front of house, to meet the client’s request for a 5-star look. Classic grey marl herringbone poly/wool/lycra tailoring combined with crisp white diagonal stripe shirting; an accent of colour – Nuffield green with silver and white – carried through in scarves and ties. For the people who serve food in the organisation, we created a bespoke shirt, standard black waistcoat and a black apron with Nuffield green grosgrain tape and embroidery detail. Every item across the entire range was machine washable.

There was genuine excitement around the new uniform roll out, with wearer trials running in three hospitals and across all sizes – from size 6 to 30. JSD sampled the range again after these wearer trials, incorporating valuable feedback from staff.

Next, we went to the client’s annual employee forum, with heads of department and representatives from across the Nuffield Hospitals group. The garments were shown on models, with JSD explaining how the range had evolved. An open Question and Answer session included queries around sizing, and we took on board a lot of their comments and made further adjustments. Once finalised, the front of house range was signed off by the Group CEO and manufactured in Sri Lanka.

Although the catering and hotel service uniforms were mandated and designed under guidance from Nuffield Hospitals, Sodexo was the customer. Any changes made by either party had to be cleared and approved by both, so successfully maintaining this tri-party relationship has been key for JSD.

The entire range launched from 15th May 2012 over a two-week period. Across 30 hospitals, 1,620 front of house staff and 173 service staff stepped out in their new uniforms. The immediate response to the new designs – from them, their colleagues and patients – was immensely positive. On a practical note, there has been only a 7% return rate after self-measuring, which is excellent for a new launch and shows that the JSD Guidelines on self-measuring really do work!