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Clients across the UK and in Europe commission JSD to design staff uniforms and corporate workwear that help build their brands. We work with companies across many sectors and at all levels.

A vital part of our service delivery is supporting clients and their marketing and press teams. Our own PR consultant – together with the in-house JSD account managers and designers – work collaboratively to help promote the launch of clients’ entirely new collections or existing range additions. We have more than 30 years’ experience liaising with the UK and international press: we understand the need to hit deadlines and to give strong industry quotes.

Previous Press Coverage

Culture Club and Corporate Clothing

There are certain sounds and sights that we, as British socialites, have become accustomed to over the years in regard to pub-culture. The skill of carrying four drinks back from the bar, the ability to strike up a conversation with a stranger about the weather, and of course, the infamous understanding of ‘one for the road’ never actually meaning ‘one’. For the ‘boomers’ as they have become otherwise known, the […] Read more

Retaining High End Clients

Suggest we define what a “high end client is” in the opening sentence – might be different things in different markets.  Whether you are staying in a 5* hotel, eating in a Michelin star restaurant, traveling Frist Class by rail or in business on an airline. A recent study by the IDC, which sample included 24,000 consumers from 12 different countries, discovered that 25 per cent of users will be […] Read more

Brand Transparency: Consumer Trust

In the dog-eat-dog world that is business in the 21st century, having a unique selling point is crucial. Of course, all companies want to be able to lay claim to a continual flow of new customers. However, in many instances, retaining the ones they currently have is more than half the battle. We are no longer living in an era where a customer will frequent the same dozen shops throughout […] Read more

The Unsung Heroes: A Look Behind the Scenes of Fashion

The world has sat back and witnessed some remarkable events throughout the past century. In 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. stood on the podium in Washington and pronounced ‘I Have a Dream’, during what was described as the ‘greatest demonstration for freedom in history’. In 1995, on South African soil, the Springboks triumphed in the Rugby World Cup, winning the tournament for the very first time, but, more importantly victorying […] Read more


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