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Corporate Workwear for Travel Industry Staff

We understand the unique demands of travel uniform design. We listen to your needs and build a detailed understanding of your company brand. Our consultative approach means we can then design and manufacture corporate workwear that reflects your unique identity: uniforms that your staff feel proud to wear. Our JSD specialist in-house teams combine in depth expertise to deliver a tailored service: we offer total contract management – from initial designs to the uniform rollout, stock management and forecasting.

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Our travel industry clients

As an industry leader, JSD has worked with global travel clients for over 30 years. British Airways was our first major travel contract. Today, we supply bespoke design staff uniforms and manage the uniform contracts for both the Jet2 airline and holiday operations, and we are also contracted with Titan Airways.  Great Western Railway, Network Rail and Chiltern Railways are our clients, and when Eurostar briefed us to create a chic designer uniform for its on-board and station staff in the UK, France and Belgium, our JSD team worked in three languages, across three cultures. Since the high profile Eurostar launch in London, Paris, Brussels and Lille, JSD has evolved this uniform range, adding items that make it adaptable across all seasons.

Bespoke design uniforms your staff love to wear

JSD understands that travel sector clients require stylish and adaptable uniforms that are ergonomically designed and durable, to withstand the demands of changing workplace environments and climates. Our team has in depth experience working with national and international organisations. We understand how to adapt our bespoke designs to cater for different working cultures and climates. We also know how important it is to create bespoke design uniforms that your staff  love to wear. We always put the wearer first. That makes us expert at adapting designs to reflect differing cultures and climates, and we offer a flexible range of sizes in international size and fit.

Great Western Railway

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You get an expert flexible service

We are truly flexible in the service we provide, adapting our offer to meet clients’ needs. With four decades’ experience of designing, manufacturing and distributing uniforms, we are experts in our field. Although we specialise in the design and manufacture of fully bespoke corporate clothing, we can also create travel sector staff uniforms that combine our bespoke designs with readily available stock items, all sourced and supplied by JSD. We know that the travel sector experiences high staff turnover and so our innovative IT systems allow clients complete flexibility through tailored ordering and reporting, designed to suit each client’s exact needs. This means employees can place orders 24 hours a day as demand requires – so that stock is distributed and available to staff on size and on time.

Contract management for travel sector clients

We provide Total Contact Management at every stage, from first designs through manufacture to rollout, uniform delivery and beyond. Each travel sector client and project is unique, matched with a specialist JSD account manager who guides you through every stage of the process and develops an understanding of your operation to tailor our service accordingly. Beyond the uniform rollout, we monitor and forecast your stock requirements using our cutting-edge stock management system. This allows JSD to predict when staff uniforms will be needed and deliver them on time.

Chiltern Railways

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