Traffic Warden Uniforms: The Ultimate Re-brand.

1 April 2015 | 1 Comments | News

Mens Traffic Warden Summer 2015 Range



We are proud to announce an exciting new project here at Jermyn Street Design. We have been given the task of redesigning London’s traffic warden uniform.

The public feeling towards traffic wardens is often hostile, largely because they are perceived to be unapproachable and uncompromising. Our brief was to change that perception into something more positive, through a complete re-brand and redesign of the traffic wardens’ uniform.

The Design Brief

We were asked to design a new summer uniform that will increase:

  • Likability and Public Perception
  • Comfort and Convenience
  • Confidence and Self Esteem

The Uniform Design

The range has a more relaxed casual look, which is a big step away from the authoritative uniform currently worn, which is similar to police or security uniforms.

The most noticeable change of course is the colour scheme. We decided to opt for bold colours and graphics to ensure staff are clearly visible when working by the roads.

-The Gilet

The padded neon yellow gilet is waterproof with foldaway sleeves and hood. It also has hem zips that can be opened to extend the gilet to knee length. It is padded to create a more casual and approachable look and to encourage warm hugs when required.

The gilet also includes compartments for the new technology that traffic wardens will be carrying (mobile/MP3 music player/GPS/etc.) Staff will be able to listen to calming music with MP3 players when faced with aggressive members of the public. We have also designed an integrated glove and a silver waist belted bag for personal items.

-The Shirt

The Graphic road sign shirt will be available in both long and short sleeve, the material used is perfect for the wide range of weather conditions staff are likely to face here in the U.K.

It is moisture wicking, has UV protection, is anti-bacterial and has odour control, keeping the wearer cool, protected from the sun and smelling fresh. It also releases a fresh grass fragrance. We chose fresh grass, as it is a popular summer scent, which does not overpower.

-The Shorts

The neon yellow colour has been used on the shorts and gilet with the colour fed through EL wires on the shorts, the wires light up and glow, so staff will be clearly visible at all hours of the day. This has been paired with silver reflective rubberized zips for increased visibility.

We are currently working on improving the winter traffic warden uniform – so be sure to watch this space!


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  1. Posted by Hannah Collins on

    Very jazzy idea.

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