The World’s Most Attractive Uniforms

13 February 2015 | 0 Comments | Inspiration, News, Uniform Design

What is it about those in uniform that we find so appealing? Why have some of the most stereotypically attractive outfits been hijacked from the world of work?

In the following article, we take a look at five uniforms commonly considered to be among the most attractive and discuss what makes them so compelling.

Military Personnel


The first port of call for any uniform enthusiast is obvious. Since the dawn of time there has been something about a military uniform that attracts the opposite sex. Numerous studies have been carried out to establish why it is that the military uniform holds such a place in people’s hearts (particularly female ones). According to one article in the Los Angeles Times, it is the power and authority exuded by those wearing the uniform along with an image of hyper-masculinity.

Flight Attendants


2981548773_521f0b9471_z-minThere is not a person out there that, at some point, has not been tempted to switch airlines because of the presentation of their cabin crew. Whether it’s the well-spoken British Airlines attendants we see in Die Hard 2 or the striking red of Virgin Atlantic, most people find it hard not stare. Since the first commercial airlines took off, flight attendants have added a sprinkle of extra glamour to air travel and continue to do so today.

Flight attendants, like airlines, come in all forms. Common to all, though, is the knowledge that they are there to help, assist or just make our flight as enjoyable as possible. Their uniform represents an undiluted attempt to make us happy, which has given them a place on our list and in our hearts.



16154185928_8d5803e49d_z-minIt’s a cliché, I know, but in an article discussing the most attractive uniforms it would be impossible not to mention the nurse.

Nurses in our day to day life represent a source of care and compassion (usually), whose purpose is to make us feel better. They are people who make it their jobs to make us happy and keep us healthy. Not to mention they are frequently portrayed by very attractive models in the media and actors/actresses in films.



6155453102_28027cd1a2_z-minSince the dawn of aviation pilots have been a source of adulation. The legend begins with the adventure associated with those early pioneers of the air. In Britain we make particular note of the RAF Spitfire pilots, whose bravery is often commended as the saviour of Britain during World War 2.

This history of bravery has given all pilots the appearance of embodying courage and keeping cool under pressure. A bit of embellishment was added once Hollywood got its hands on scripts for films like Top Gun, An Officer and a Gentlemen and Pearl Harbour.

Fire Fighter


8008026288_6496194ed7_z-e1423765925830-minFire Fighters occupy a special place in our modern day and folkloric hero culture. Quite simply put they run into burning buildings to save men, women and children. They are people who risk their own lives to save us, and those whom we love – how can their uniform not be considered attractive?

These individuals are brave, strong and CPR is part of their mandatory training. What else needs to be said?

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