How Custom Uniforms Can Boost Employee Wellbeing

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In every industry, uniforms play an important role in employees’ well-being. In the workplace, uniforms generally have a positive impact on the mental health of employees. It promotes a sense of pride, belonging and self-assurance’. Uniforms can provide a team of people with feelings of security and belonging as well as negating the need for ‘concerns over what to wear and whether one’s own choice of attire will be suitable and meet with the approval of other employees’. 

Uniforms are more than simply a piece of clothing. Custom workwear can be the difference between low employee morale and staff that are extremely satisfied within their job role. In this article, we will be discussing how custom uniforms can boost employee wellbeing. 

Creating An Identity & Sense Of Belonging

‘In the realm of psychology, attire holds a significant influence on human behaviour, performance, and perception’, no matter your profession, a uniform can form a bond between employees and create a sense of unity. This can lead to many benefits in the workplace.  

For instance, a team of people that share a common goal tend to feel more motivated. Team morale can be greatly improved by having a shared purpose and sense of direction. A cohesive group will also have better communication skills, making work not only more efficient but also a more comfortable environment. Individuals will feel more able to share ideas amongst one another, and will be able to collaborate when it comes to problem-solving.

 Not to mention, clear communication can reduce the amount of misunderstandings and conflict that can naturally occur in a group setting. With less disagreements, a team will  be able to collaborate more effectively. With everyone being able to focus on the same objectives and goals, tasks will be completed at a faster pace, with minimal distractions. With success being more likely, a unified team will also be more willing to go the extra mile to achieve positive results, leading to much higher productivity levels overall. 

Uniforms are more than just the clothing a team wears to work. Bespoke uniforms can create a sense of belonging to an otherwise group of strangers. Custom uniforms can help individuals feel ‘less isolated and enjoy a better workplace experience’, this will in turn, enhance well-being. Many people, including famed American Psychologist Abraham Maslow, argue that a ‘sense of belonging is a necessary ingredient for humans amongst a hierarchy of needs’. As we spend so much time at our jobs, it’s essential to feel fulfilled and supported by our colleagues.

Professionalism & Pride

In addition to boosting team morale, bespoke uniforms instil a level of professionalism at work. When employees are wearing their uniforms, both in and out of work, they are reflecting the company. Which is why it’s so important to create a uniform that serves a purpose and sends the desired message about the company’s messaging, professionalism, and identity.

Bespoke uniforms will also reflect a company’s brand and values. This will remind employees of the importance of their role within the business or organisation. With an ongoing sense of pride, both confidence and job satisfaction will be boosted throughout a team – after all, how we dress can be a form of self-expression and ‘when that is taken away, it forces people to think “outside-the-box” and look for new opportunities to express themselves in creative manners’.  Being able to be creative and innovative with decisions at work is a sign of confidence. A custom uniform can ensure your team feels good within themselves which means they are much more likely to be happier all round. 

Comfort & Functionality 

Different industries require different things from their custom uniforms. For instance, an airline worker would require workwear that is always able to be clean, pressed, and in good condition, whereas a fitness instructor will need a different bespoke uniform entirely. They need to be able to be flexible and move their body freely. 

A great example of bespoke uniforms for the fitness industry is our work with PureGym. During this partnership, we were given the unique opportunity of completing a project where the redesign of the uniforms was to be done  ‘without anyone physically meeting, handling fabric, or trying on garments’. During this process, we had to consider ‘all job roles across the company’ and ensure that the custom pieces were gender neutral and allowed their team to be comfortable whilst being active. Both comfort and functionality were at the top of the priority list for this client, as being able to be unrestricted was a must. 

Prioritising comfort, like we did with our PureGym collaboration, can also be beneficial across other industries too. Feeling at ease in a uniform can lead to a much happier workforce. Many companies are putting comfort at the forefront of their uniform design 

due to the diverse nature of their employees. 

In the UK alone, it has been reported that the loss of menopausal women in the  ‘workforce is costing the country £11 billion a year’. Menopause often comes with many symptoms, such as bloating, hot flashes and body aches which can make wearing a uniform all the more unreasonable. Neglecting the ongoing comfort of employees, such as menopausal women,  may continue to perpetuate the decline in the team’s overall wellbeing.

Promoting A Positive Company Culture 

Also at the top of every company’s priority list should be promoting a positive company culture. Company culture can be the make or break for workplace well-being,  affecting the environment as a whole. Did you know that according to the Daily Mail, ‘3,507 is the average number of days that a British person spends at work over their lifetime?’ With so much time spent in the workplace, it’s vital that it’s a supportive environment to be in. A positive company culture can account for the employees well-being, which can enhance morale and the productivity of the team. In addition, a positive culture keeps employees engaged, and a team that is interested in their work ‘are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs and motivated to contribute their best efforts, increasing their retention’.

With custom workwear playing such a massive role in employee engagement and satisfaction, everyday can be Employee Appreciation Day when staff’s needs are met. Uniforms are not only powerful branding tools, but they can also ‘empower your employees with a sense of integrity and increased self-confidence in their abilities.’ 

Staff Uniform Suppliers: How JSD Could Help Your Business Succeed 

Here at Jermyn Street Design, we understand the importance of a well-designed uniform from specialist staff uniform suppliers. Not only can custom workwear improve a company’s image, but it can also benefit a team in a number of ways. As well as enhancing a businesses inner workings, when you get a uniform designed with JSD, you are also contributing to less fabric waste.

 In addition to being dedicated to creating uniforms with specific client requirements in mind, we also put the environment at the forefront of our practices. If advancing your business is one of your priorities, reach out to our team now for opportunities to reduce your company’s carbon footprint whilst also crafting custom workwear tailored specifically to your needs.

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