In a bold departure from traditional fitness brands, PureGym partnered with JSD to completely transform its staff’s fitness wear. This resulted in an innovative custom uniform range that utilised avatars and virtual design processes during social distancing rules placed at the time.

The design process for the new PureGym uniform had to adjust to unique circumstances. The project required the complete redesign of the uniforms without anyone physically meeting, handling fabric, or trying on garments.

Pure Gym Uniform
Pure Gym Uniform
Pure Gym Uniform
Pure gym uniform

This presented unique challenges for both Pure Gym and JSD in terms of maintaining communication, ensuring accurate fit, and meeting the brand’s requirements. Because all uniform designs were shared using avatars, this allowed for immediate modifications to fabric, colours, shape, and fit, eliminating the need for multiple design samples.

Nihal Selimi, a designer at JSD, explains the process: “The fit of the new uniform was absolutely paramount, so we took time to understand the wearer size profiles in all job roles across the company. We ensured that items were gender neutral, enabling everyone to choose the look that works best for them. And, because everyone is unique, we also included custom sizing where necessary – such as a longer arm or leg measurement – to accommodate everyone.”

A series of sample fit sessions were filmed and shared with the Pure Gym team. This meant that a wider range of employees, including those working from home, could view and comment on the designs.

Operating model manager for Pure Gym, adds: “The old uniform was an outdated shape, and we clearly needed a range that was much more stylish. JSD certainly delivered that and our members and staff all love it! Members can quickly identify who’s who in the gym – and by adding a range for our central support team as well as PTs, fitness coaches and management, everyone feels included. Everyone loves the new shape, how it fits and how it feels.”