We first worked with Trailfinders, the UK’s largest independently owned travel company, in 2002. Since then, JSD has created three corporate uniform ranges for this dynamic operation. A pioneer of tailormade travel worldwide, the award-winning company (60 major national awards in the last 20 years) employs an enthusiastic young staff in 27 travel centres. Each successive work uniform collection has combined a mix of bespoke and stock garments, all supplied by JSD.

Trailfinders briefed us that they wanted “a relaxed, preppy look which is welcoming but professional – our employees don’t want to feel like they wear a uniform!” Collectively, these enthusiastic young employees have travelled to over 96% of the world’s countries, so the service and advice they can offer clients is outstanding.

Trailfinders Uniform

The bespoke items are intended to be worn with a range of stock-supported tailoring – jackets, skirts and trousers – all of which we source and supply to Trailfinders. In the current collection, the JSD-designed shirts, blouses and knitwear are all created to appeal to the employees’ youthful age range and their ways of working. As just one example, the durable knitwear has special elbow patches, to prolong the life of each garment.

Like all our clients, Trailfinders know they can rely on their allocated JSD Account Manager, to monitor and manage their stock levels and requirements across all the sizes, for both readily available and stock items. Because we keep the client informed at every stage, they can be confident that we will ensure stock is available for staff in any one of their travel centres, by size and on time.

Trailfinders like the flexibility of service we offer them, and the fact that JSD consistently and effortlessly adapts our offer to meet their expanding needs.

We have worked with JSD for over 15 years and our staff are now wearing the third uniform range successfully developed by this specialist company. the mix of bespoke and stock garments is great for us, and the JSD team is always a pleasure to work with.