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“We have worked with JSD for over 15 years and our staff are now wearing the third uniform range successfully developed by this specialist company. The mix of bespoke and stock garments is great for us, and the JSD team is always a pleasure to work with.” TRAILFINDERS.

The JSD design team understands that holiday uniforms help wearers stand out, and build brand loyalty and a sense of pride for each wearer and the customers they interact with. Guided by sustainable workwear principles, JSD builds in functionality, durability, and longevity so that each wearer is comfortable as they work, in airports, resorts, day or night, in all climates across the globe.

Jet2Holidays, Trailfinders, and Carnival P&O trust us to manage their uniform lifecycle, from start to finish. From design and development, through the end-to-end operational lifecycle of their work uniforms. JSD offers fast, reliable online ordering; smart predictive stock control and flexible, cost-effective logistics.

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