JSD won the contract in 2004 to create custom uniforms for DUFRY’s UK operations World Duty Free. Since then JSD has created three unique and constantly evolving ranges for World Duty Free’s 3,800 staff at 15 UK airports plus Eurotunnel terminals; and in 2020 JSD was appointed to design uniforms for DUFRY’s global range with over 500 outlets in 21 countries across five continents.

dufry staff uniform
World Duty Free, a Dufry Company Uniform

Key to JSD’s successful work for World Duty Free UK has been its pro-active updating of work uniforms to keep the look always highly contemporary. “World Duty Free likes the way we drive each redesign and make the process effortless for them,” says JSD’s Director of Sales and Marketing Ann Dowdeswell. “They know they can depend on JSD to understand the brand, trends and their requirements. This lets them get on with being the UK’s leading travel retailer, knowing we will get on with supplying stylish uniforms on brand, on time and on budget.”
Another key to JSD’s appointment as DUFRY’s global uniform supplier has been its ability to develop designs exclusively for the UK market and local needs, while also reflecting and promoting DUFRY’s global brand and corporate aim “to offer the ultimate airport shopping experience.” JSD knows how to interpret international brands and designs to fit local markets, cultures and conditions while retaining common threads of a brand’s core identity.

The latest redesign for World Duty Free UK was co-ordinated with the launch of a distinctive new logo of a stylised butterfly in orange and black. JSD incorporated this new logo into a ladies’ scarf in the form of a stylish repeat pattern in black and orange against a dark ground. This item is much loved by both the local UK staff, and the same orange has then been used elsewhere in the uniforms to provide a subtle but pervasive brand signature.

JSD specified a poly/wool/Lycra fabric for the women’s and men’s black suits within this current ‘smart contemporary’ uniform for the UK. This advanced fabric provides great durability and ease of movement in a retail environment. “The three-button women’s jacket has rounded, soft lines for a relaxed feminine but still business-like look,” says JSD Senior Designer Lisa Cunningham-Sherret. “As an alternative to this jacket, we also introduced knitwear, with a twinset in silver grey with orange highlights.” Soft, warm silver grey was selected for shirts and ties, and the women’s shirt given an easy cutaway neckline. “All the feedback shows that World Duty Free and their staff are really delighted,” says Lisa. This latest staff uniform redesign coincided with the opening of a new store at Heathrow Terminal Two and the rebranding of the retailer’s Stansted and Glasgow outlets, where staff stylishly showcased the new collection.

“Just as critical as delighting the wearers with our designs is managing the whole life-cycle and availability of each garment with seamless reliability,” says JSD Client Services Director Lucy Smith. “The new products in each evolving range are phased in as old stock runs low. World Duty Free places orders as employees require, and each retailer knows that they can rely on our operational efficiency to distribute all garments on size and on time every time.”

The latest designs that JSD have created for our UK retail stores reflect the new global world duty free brand perfectly


[JSD] drive forward each redesign and make the process so easy for us – it’s a great 15 year partnership


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