JSD got airborne in 2017, designing stylish bespoke corporate wear for our first charter airline client. Titan Airways offers international clients high-end travel and a 5-star service. Although its crew had always stood out in terms of professionalism and service delivery, the airline was unhappy with the existing flight attendant uniform and wanted a sleeker, more corporate look. Following our JSD redesign – and in response to a wearer survey – 88.89% of Titan Airways staff now confirm: “I feel comfortable and proud wearing the new uniform”.


Titan Airways Uniform
Titan Airways Uniform

Our in-house designer, Christina Burke, took the initial brief. “Titan was justifiably proud of its strong brand identity and distinctive aircraft livery,” she recalls. “Most clients give me brand guidelines and design directions, but Titan produced a model kit of a toy plane! We built it in the design studio and it became our reference point for both the logo and brand colours!”

It was the airline’s colour palette that became the defining element of our JSD design concepts. “Titan’s main flagship colour is a graduated orange,” Christina Burke explains. “In our pitch, we advised against using a colour so widely linked to competitor easyJet. Titan took that point on board and asked JSD to come back with a different solution.”

Rather than using strong orange, Christina deepened the tone to specify a more luxurious and sophisticated copper – linking it to deep silver grey. She presented fabric swatches: one was a distinctive heritage tartan in an easy-wear blend. Titan loved the copper tones, and the signature colour palette was then reprised in the detailing and accessories.

A first for Titan was the elegant bespoke ladies’ coat, in a steel grey wool blend, with black trim and copper piping detail. The airline also wanted its female cabin crew to wear a dress and jacket. To achieve this, the JSD design team combined a mix of diagonal and straight heritage check effects. “Using tartan in this way, I worked very closely with our production team to keep wastage to a minimum,” says Christina Burke.

“Titan loved our approach,” confirms Ann Dowdeswell, Sales and Marketing Director at Jermyn Street Design. “We were very consultative and encouraged feedback throughout the wearer trials. All the Titan employees were sized on site at the company’s Stansted HQ. We offer them a very hands-on, tailored service, compared with what they had before.”

Titan Airways staff use words like ‘classy’, ‘comfortable’ and ‘very smart’ to describe the redesigned uniform range. At JSD we are delighted that it clearly lives up to the high standards of the Titan brand.


From the outset, the JSD team impressed us with their thoroughness and attention to detail. we’re thrilled with the refined new look uniform, which has been well received by crew, customers and passengers.