How Seasonal Custom Uniforms Can Improve Employee Wellbeing

Custom Uniform

In the UK, we experience a variety of weather throughout the year. From long winters of potentially sub-zero temperatures and dark nights, to summer days of plus 30-degrees. With these differing conditions, it can become difficult to dress appropriately for work. Uniforms are a great way to make employees feel comfortable, happy and boost their overall productivity, even when the weather is less than optimal. 

Climate Comfort

With weather being unpredictable, custom uniforms have to be versatile when it comes to temperature changes. How comfortable an employee is directly impacts their well-being, comfort, and productivity. Whilst the sun can put us all in a good mood, when it gets too hot, ‘employees arrive to work sweaty and uncomfortable’. 

As well as being too hot in the summer months, being too cold can also bring issues. For example, cold stress happens when the body is unable to warm itself, serious cold-related illnesses and injuries may occur, and permanent tissue damage. Many people suffer from cold stress and experience a range of symptoms such as trench foot, frostbite, hypothermia, and chilblains. 

When it comes to a team’s wellbeing ‘employers have legal responsibilities to provide a safe and healthy workplace’. While  we cannot control the weather, we can design custom workwear which adapts to fluctuating temperatures and ensures employees are comfortable and happy while working. 

The Importance Of Employee Wellbeing

Custom uniforms designed with all of the seasons in mind can improve a team’s overall happiness and comfort. In fact, in ‘every industry, uniforms play an important role in employees’ well-being.’ A uniform can make the difference between an employee being discontent at work and them being productive. Typically, one of the main mistakes businesses make is adopting a one-size-fits-all approach for their workwear. 

Uniforms instil a sense of pride and confidence in employees, leading to higher job satisfaction. Amongst employees, their needs will be diverse, meaning a one-size-fits-all uniform will not support everyone. A uniform that prioritises comfort and functionality is more likely to create a workforce that is happier and promotes a positive company culture. With employees that are content, their wellbeing, engagement and retention can also be improved. 

Professional Identity

Bespoke uniforms can not only boost team morale, but it can also represent professionalism by reflecting a company’s brand and values. Seasonal variations of uniforms can signify adaptability and increase functionally even more. 

A uniform that is designed-well can represent a company all year round, no matter the season. Workwear that specifically aligns with a brand’s aesthetics will positively impact a customer’s experience and perception. With a consistent professional identity through a uniform,  customers will be more likely to trust employees. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. With uniforms that are adaptable, but still appear professional, a customer can continue to see a brand as authentic and trustworthy. 

Employee Physical & Mental Health Benefits

An employee’s wellbeing can encompass many things – including their physical and mental health. Ergonomic features can be incorporated into a uniform which can further support employees in this way. Breathable fabrics or moisture wicking materials are one design aspect where discomfort can be alleviated and make uniforms more physically comfortable. 

Also, in recent years, companies have started taking a closer look at the mental health benefits of uniforms and how our working life can affect this. ‘Studies looking into the impact of school uniforms on mental health have shown, for the most part, that they are indeed beneficial’ and this doesn’t stop when we get to adulthood. 

Uniforms remove the worry of what to wear each morning and also, promotes a sense of equality within a team. Custom uniforms can also inspire confidence amongst employees, as they can be designed specifically for their body shape. Unfortunately, one-size-fits-all uniforms don’t have this benefit. Bespoke workwear can be created with certain fabrics and designs which are tailored to the specific employee. 

Improving Professional Image & Employee Wellbeing Through Ethical Uniform Design – Jermyn Street Design

Only having one uniform throughout the entire working year can neglect the needs of employees, particularly in the winter and summer seasons. With the fluctuating temperatures, the needs of workers will also change, as the weather does.

It’s vital to have well-designed uniforms that keep up the brand’s core messaging, whilst also putting employees’ needs at the forefront. With a happier team, a company is more likely to thrive. If you are looking for custom uniforms which are both functional and comfortable, get in contact with our team. Here at Jermyn Street Design, we can help improve your employees’ work satisfaction through well-designed and bespoke uniforms.

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