Designing Functional Warehouse Uniforms For Warehouse Workers

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Working in a warehouse can be extremely demanding. As well as having to lift heavy objects and be active for many hours a day, ‘it can also be a noisy, hot, and dusty environment’. There are many safety risks associated with working in a warehouse, such as being around heavy machinery, potential trip hazards and moving vehicles. In this potentially dangerous working environment, uniforms become extremely important. Uniforms not only need to provide comfort and an appropriate fit, but they also need to support the mobility of the employee. In this article, we will be discussing the importance of functional and well-designed uniforms in a warehouse.

The Importance Of Safety

For manual workers, safety is of utmost importance. Working in a warehouse can come with many different risks to employees’ health that will need to be accounted for. There are a range of potential hazards, ‘such as falling objects, moving machinery, and hazardous materials.’ Not only are there risky elements of the job, but warehouse workers are often required to stand for long periods of time. An appropriate uniform will need to be designed to be functional and to adhere to the required safety needs.

Manual workers typically wear high-visibility clothing which has been ‘designed specifically to make workers easier to spot in their workplaces.’ Modern warehouses are designed to facilitate easy access for forklifts and other moving vehicles. Employees have to be easy to spot and that’s why ‘most high-visibility garments use a combination of fluorescent colours like bright yellow or orange and reflective strips.’ These eye-catching colours minimise the chance of a warehouse worker not being spotted and injured.

Accounting For Comfort 

Warehouse workers often face conditions that lead to discomfort or fatigue due to the physical demands and environmental factors of their job. The regular lifting and carrying of heavy objects can lead to the straining of muscles and joints. Not to mention, these repetitive movements can also cause repetitive strain issues. Manual workers are also often required to endure long periods of standing, which can affect their feet, knees and overall fatigue. In addition to physical ailments, there are also a number of environmental factors to consider that warehouse workers experience. High noise levels, poor lighting, and dust can cause additional stress and health issues. 

When considering warehouse uniforms, comfort and flexibility should be made a priority. Ergonomic workwear design can allow a uniform to fit an employee well, while also, allowing for non-restrictive movements. The majority of manual workwear is made from either cotton, polyester, or a combination of both, otherwise known as polycotton. These fabrics are all known for their durability, breathability, and ease of care, which makes them ideal for an intense working environment such as a warehouse. In addition to an employee’s base uniform, their hi-vis clothing will typically be made from vinyl or tricot, which is also a type of polyester. 

One mistake commonly only offered involves a one-size-fits-all uniform for warehouse workers. This can cause significant discomfort for different body types, as often these uniforms are poorly fitting, being too tight or too loose on employees. This lack of proper fit can lead to a range of issues, from restricted movement and reduced efficiency to increasing the potential of workplace hazards. Ill-fitting uniforms can also hinder workers’ ability to perform their tasks comfortably and effectively, leading to decreased productivity and increased risk of injury. 

By neglecting the diverse physical needs of employees, warehouses may be compromising both worker well-being and operational performance. The importance of offering a range of sixes and customisable options for employees is vital. All employees have access to uniforms that fit well and support their work activities.

Improving Professional Appearance

Choosing a custom uniform, rather than a one-size-fits-all option, can help improve brand perception and team cohesion within companies. A uniform that has been custom-made to your employees needs is much more likely to boost team morale and well-being, especially in environments where long shifts are standard. 

To function perfectly, a warehouse needs a team that works well together. A well-designed uniform improves the image of professionalism, boosts employee morale, and contributes to team cohesion. Afterall, a uniform is ‘not just a garment; it’s a symbol of pride, unity, and commitment to excellence.’

Incorporating Sustainability

Here at JSD, we understand a company’s commitment to making their workplace better. Whether that’s for the employees or for the planet, we can help with both. As well as creating new, bespoke sustainable workwear which fit both the employee and the job correction, we can also recycle old uniforms. Rather than unwanted workwear ending up in landfills, there are now a number of ways that these fabrics can be reused. A great example of this is how the uniforms no longer needed from the Old Northern staff are being recycled into insulation. With a large workforce of nearly 7,000, ‘many of whom wear uniforms and workwear, the turnover of garments through natural wear and tear alone is significant.’ In order to prevent the disposal of these uniforms affecting the planet, Old Northern is putting their best foot forward and recycling their garments where possible. 

As pioneers in the sustainable workwear movement ourselves, we applaud companies such as this, making the effort to better the planet, as well as their business’ practices. Much like Old Northern, we assist our clients in recycling their current uniforms and turning them into something that is still useful. We can help upgrade uniforms, company-wide, creating sustainable workwear which are built with comfort in mind, are confidence-boosting, eco-friendly and professional. 

How JSD Helps Businesses & Employees In Their Job Role

When you reach our team, we begin with an initial consultation where we gather detailed information about your needs, brand identity, and specific requirements for the uniforms. We want to understand everything from the working environment, to what you are looking to achieve. 

After our initial discussion, we move onto our design phase. Our team customises solutions, carefully considering every detail to ensure you are content with the final product and it meets  with your vision and operational needs. As mentioned above, JSD is committed to designing uniforms that benefit both your team and the environment. We take your old uniforms off your hands and recycle them in the most sustainable way possible. 

Designing warehouse uniforms that are comfortable and ensure the safety of your employees is essential. As well as creating bespoke workwear which fits your business’ aesthetics, which will help improve your company’s image and perception, we also understand what it entails to make a uniform fit for purpose. If you are looking for custom workwear for your team, get in contact with our team of experts today.

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