Uniform Design Trends In 2023

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Similar to the clothing industry, uniforms are constantly changing and evolving. In 2023, we have seen different trends emerging in the world of uniforms which have been reflective of both fashion and function. In this article, we will be discussing what the current uniform trends are, what we envision the future of uniforms looking like and how our team of uniform designers can assist you in all your work attire needs. 

What Are The Current Uniform Trends?

One of the most noteworthy trends that has appeared in the clothing industry is the shift towards more sustainable materials. This has also been mirrored in companies uniforms too, as many organisations are now opting for more environmentally-friendly fabrics and sustainable practices. 

Here at Jermyn Street Design, we have seen a rise in many companies choosing to use recycled materials, organic cotton or even bamboo, over polyester, nylon and other, non-renewable options. According to Roundup.org’s 2023 statistics surrounding the clothing industry, ‘up to 100 billion garments are produced by the fashion industry every year. And each year, as much as 92 million tons of clothing end up in landfills. 

Another exciting transition we’ve seen in 2023, is how companies are moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach with their uniforms and are opting for more personalised variations. Be Global Fashion Network has also stated that in order to ‘break away from the conventional monotone look, many companies are incorporating vibrant colours and prints into their uniform designs.’ Whether that be embroidered logos or adding more of a range of colours to their typical uniform style, more emphasis is definitely being put on individuality and customisation – after all, a uniform can be worn up to five times a week! 

With more interestingly designed uniforms currently taking centre stage, so is the idea of a ‘multi-functional uniform’. These multi-functional uniforms are designed with adaptability in mind and can be adjusted to meet the specific needs certain job roles may require. 

With more versatile work clothes, workers will be able to adapt to various job roles and weather conditions. Not only does this offer better value for money for the employer, but it also makes for more comfortable working attire for the employee. 

The Future of Uniforms 

Sustainable Fabrics & Materials For Uniforms

As 2023 continues, we predict a continued rise in the focus on eco-friendly materials for uniforms. As well as recycled materials, organic cotton or even bamboo as mentioned above, we may also start to see eco-friendly dyes and blended fabrics become more 


Low-impact or natural dyes are better for the planet, as they use fewer chemicals and offer the same results. In addition, it takes less water to dye an item of clothing when using eco-friendly dye – again, making them more environmentally friendly. Many companies in 2023 are trying to reduce their water consumption. According to Triple Pundit, ‘it takes about 2,700 litres of water to make just one t-shirt, which is enough water for one person to drink for 900 days’. By opting for more eco-friendly dyes, we are able to enjoy the uniforms we know and love, but with less cost to the environment. In 2023, we see the use of natural dyes continue to increase.

Blended fabrics are also another great way to keep the planet in mind whilst picking out uniforms. A blended fabric combines many different sustainable textile fibres to create a fabric that has the desirable qualities of each component – for example, cotton-polyester. This natural blend of cotton fibres and synthetic polyester fibres are both breathable and soft, whilst also being wrinkles resistant. Blending an organic fabric, such as cotton, with a more man-made fibre, such as polyester, can reduce the overall environmental impact.

The Rise Of Gender-Neutral Designs

This year, we have seen a rise in gender-neutral designs for uniforms. This progressive trend has been apparent in both the fashion and workwear industry, as many gender-neutral uniform designs prioritise diversity and inclusivity. With equality being at the forefront of many companies, there is now a growing recognition for the need to create inclusive working environments that prioritise fairness and comfort for their employees in all aspects of business operations, including uniforms. 

Also, by opting for gender-neutral uniforms, it allows employees to be able to wear work attire which aligns with their own personal expressions, making for a much happier and more productive workforce. We see this trend continuing through to next year, as businesses continue to understand that inclusivity isn’t a short-term initiative but is in fact an ongoing commitment to their team which can enhance well-being, innovation and overall employee satisfaction. 

The Significance of Uniform Customisation and Personalisation

Again, with sustainability in mind, many organisations in 2023 have started customising their uniforms. Whilst it can be more time-consuming to opt for fully personalised uniforms, it can actually save a company time, money and reduce overall waste. Clothing waste is often a topic of conversation when discussing how the fashion industry affects the planet. Many landfills are filled with unwanted clothing items – including uniforms. By choosing more custom uniforms that are high-quality and durable, less uniforms will end up in the rubbish at the end of 2023. 

Not only can custom uniforms be more environmentally friendly, it can also create a more unique and memorable brand experience for both customers and employees. With an expert eye on creating eye-catching embroidery, logos, colour choices and materials companies can create a brand which is recognisable for all consumers.

 According to KyleMark.co.uk ‘embroidered clothing, with a logo or company name on it, increases brand recognition. This makes members of staff look professional and instantly recognisable in the workplace. Embroidered clothing not only adds a touch of professionalism to your team’s appearance, but also creates a brand which customers won’t forget about. 

How Jermyn Street Design (JSD) Can Help You

As uniform suppliers, innovation is the cornerstone of our approach when it comes to uniforms.  We strive to continuously push the limits of creativity, design, and trends within the uniform sector.

As well as ensuring we are always creating uniforms with the planet in mind, we are also dedicated to enhancing your brand’s identity with custom designs tailored to your company. If you have any questions about your uniform needs or want to get ahead of the 2024 trends, we are here to help. You can speak directly to one of our experts through our contact form on our website. 

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