Sustainable Fashion: Podcasts for Your Business


Whether you are looking for a comedic start to your morning or to learn more about the world around you during your commute, podcasts have dramatically grown in popularity. This relatively new form of media now offers listeners the ability to learn new discussions without the need to read or use their hands. With 464.7 million podcast listeners globally and, as of December 2022, over 5 million individual podcasts, there is a wide range of topics for you to explore.

And sustainable business in the fashion industry is no different. From interviews with leaders in their sector to current news around the fashion world, people are podcasting the changes in the industry and discussing how to make your fashion better for the environment.

Here, we will explore some of the top fashion podcasts focused on sustainability and how podcasts can be useful for your business.  

Sustainable fashion podcasts you need to hear

The range of podcasts available is immense, even within specific topics. And Zerrin has listed 17 podcasts that you should be listening to if you are interested in the fashion industry and the changes towards a more sustainable sector. They not only consider the implications of wearing fast fashion over sustainable, but also keep their listeners up to date with recent sustainable fashion news – upcoming brands, interviews with leaders in their area, and new ideas within the industry – whether this is a unique fabric or a change in the supply chain.

With a focus on interviewing leading people within the industry, Zerrin recommends Conscious Chatter, Wardrobe Crisis, and Spirit of 608 as some of their top podcasts to listen to for information on sustainable fashion. These look into the changes being made across the sector, not just from the sustainability departments, but also from a marketing perspective and more.

Or if you are interested in the ethical, moral, and legal aspects of the fashion industry, Ethical Business Podcast could be the one for you. This podcast broaches the subject of sustainable fashion through the legal and political expertise of its hosts. The Remember Who Made Them podcast provides listeners with resources on how to live a more sustainable life when it comes to their fashion choices.

Whereas if you are looking for updates on fashion news, Monocle on Design provides bite-sized episodes for your early mornings. These episodes follow the fashion movement and the new advances in sustainability measures.

How this can benefit your business

Introduction to the discussion

By introducing podcasts into your work environment, you can promote change, both in thought and actions, within your employees. By showing these podcasts to your colleagues or simply suggesting them as good listening, you can introduce conversations around sustainable clothing choices within your workplace and educate your team on climate change. Whether this is approaching sustainable corporate uniform suppliers or buying second-hand, we can all have a hand in the fight against climate change and adopt new ways of thinking.

Understanding the negatives of the fashion industry

The fashion industry, especially fast fashion, has its downfalls, and by introducing these podcasts into your work environment, you can explore the pitfalls of fast fashion better. They not only promote sustainable brands and ways of living but also contribute to the argument against fast fashion and its impacts on the environment.

The fast fashion industry is highly harmful to the environment, with this sector alone contributing 10% of all global carbon emissions. This significant effect on the environment is one to be noted. Not only that, but it also can be socially immoral, as young women are the primary creators of the garments – with 80% being made by women between 18 and 24.

When it comes to tough discussions, finding a digestible way for listeners to understand both sides of the argument is important. Podcasts have the ability to open listeners up to a range of topics within a short space of time and with minimal effort. And as a way of introducing conversation into the office space, a podcast can bring about change without too much distraction.

To learn more about furthering your sustainability measures, or to find out more about our business, get in touch.


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