Charlotte McHardy talks complexities of PPE sourcing & distribution on CNBC

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With the challenges of the Corona pandemic widening, at jSD we took the opportunity to evaluate where our global supply chain could potentially meet the growing demand for personal protective equipment (PPE). As a company, we fully audit all of our supply partners across the globe to ensure they meet our high standards, both in terms of quality and as ethically sustainable partners. For nearly 40 years, we have been building these meaningful partnerships and these are the very suppliers we reached out to when we realised the direct impact we could have on sourcing & distributing vital PPE for our NHS during this time of crisis.

This morning, our MD, Charlotte McHardy, spoke with the anchors on CNBC about the sharp learning curve we’ve been on in trying to navigate this new and complex sector. She discusses how we are facilitating PPE need with partners that can supply such equipment at a responsible price point while meeting incredibly tight lead times. Charlotte goes on to speak about how we are continuing to add value using our extensive clothing at work experience and how our wealth of knowledge in this sector has streamlined the supply of these invaluable items to the frontline.

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