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There are certain sounds and sights that we, as British socialites, have become accustomed to over the years in regard to pub-culture. The skill of carrying four drinks back from the bar, the ability to strike up a conversation with a stranger about the weather, and of course, the infamous understanding of ‘one for the road’ never actually meaning ‘one’.

For the ‘boomers’ as they have become otherwise known, the pub culture, so synonymous with British life, was something part and parcel of their everyday — enhanced significantly by the sectors in which they were working. Finish work, go for a pint, go home — this was as much a routine as a Friday evening takeaway or a Sunday roast.

But then, the sucker punch landed — licensed establishments began to suffer the effects of economic decline and succumb to a drastic loss in custom. The price of a pint rose from under a pound to a situation where pubgoers were having to exchange a note with little return.

Thankfully, despite more than 700 pubs closing in 2018 all is not lost. A new generation is here and it appears they will not only salvage this social phenomenon, they will actually rejuvenate it.

Millennials were blamed for the inherent closures over the past two decades but on the tail end of this generation come a demographic of young working professionals who replicate everything their elders lived for.

Finish work, go for a drink, and, ultimately, take the all-important edge off. In this article, we take a look at why post-work drinks are proving ever popular among the younger working generations.


The hustle and bustle of modern life can be particularly draining, even on the most resilient of individuals. In the modern world data and analytics is everything, it is the driving force behind success, but sometimes it places a significant amount of stress upon workers.

If the deadline was today, it should have been finished last Tuesday — that is the harsh reality of 21st century business. Efficiency is everything.

So it is important to finish your tasks for the day and seek solace in the refuge of a public house with work colleagues to alleviate some of that built-up tension. Heading to the local once the clock hits five is one of the best ways to enjoy time with your colleagues beyond the four walls of the office environment.


In a world where LinkedIn is of particular importance, getting out there and boosting your social profile is crucial to professional success.

We aren’t suggesting that you try and fit a bidaily visit to the pub into your schedule in the hope of landing a job at a recently established start-up. However, an occasional appearance after work for even an hour could position you in exactly the right place, at the right time.

This is an opportunity to meet fellow professionals, perhaps business managers or owners, who could enhance your employment potential, in a habitat not restricted by the parameters of professionalism.

Networking isn’t solely getting someone’s phone number — this isn’t speed dating — :“Networking is about establishing and nurturing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships”.

A prime example

Quite surprisingly, one city which has become synonymous after work drinking is Gothenburg — not the first place we would usually associate with pub culture. ‘Afterwork’ as it has been labelled by the Swedes is a happy hour alternative for people who have just said goodbye to another day of intensive labour, whether it be in the office or in industry.

This concept is often in operation on a Friday only, considering the fact productivity might suffer if such offerings were made on a Monday evening.

Most establishments in the city are electric by 4pm on a Friday evening, with suits, office attire, and tailored workwear littering the streets.

Corporate clothing promoting class

Back in the UK, thanks to a re-stylisation of corporate uniforms, office workers no longer feel the need to travel home to slip into something pub suitable. In fact, the undeniable style and sleekness of many uniforms ensures that workers are not only comfortable but confident in their appearance. So much so that the likes of London on a Friday evening will be brimming with corporate clothing well into the early hours of a Saturday morning.


Pub culture and everything it has to offer in the way of socialising is very much on the up once again. Don’t let the daily grind get you down — take to the streets after a long shift and experience everything this nation has to offer.

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