Custom Sustainable Uniform Solutions For Eco-conscious Companies  

Ethical Workwear

In the past, sustainability was often not put as a priority in the corporate world. However, in recent years, ‘sustainable development has become a central element’ as many companies are aiming to better their own eco-conscious practices. With this being said, uniforms are still a commonly missed aspect for those who care about their carbon footprint. Custom uniforms can not only save a company money in the long run, but also help to reduce emissions business-wide. 

Custom Design With A Purpose  

One of the main benefits of a custom uniform is that they are often designed with a purpose. Typically, these designs are created to align with a businesses objects, the employees wellbeing and will feature ergonomic features or materials to improve their everyday working life. In addition to these pros, companies can now also partner with organisations to promote sustainability through their uniforms design. Here at Jermyn Street Design, we are dedicated to putting the planet first as well as creating custom workwear which is long-wearing. 

As ethical workwear uniform suppliers, we are always prioritising how to minimise our environmental footprint whilst also focusing on the health and safety of employees and the public. With over 40 years of commitment to the planet and creating eco-friendly workwear designs, we believe that every uniform should be created with a purpose in mind. 

Ethical Workwear Production Processes

For eco-conscious companies, it’s important to consider the impact that the production process of uniforms has on the environment. When uniforms are being manufactured, they will typically be transported by air, rather than by road or sea. However, sea freight and road freight both have a much smaller climate impact than air freight. By opting to use a company which ferries their uniforms over, your company can drastically reduce their carbon footprint.

Ethical manufacturing practices such as these are not only better for the planet, but also for a businesses overall profitability. Uniforms that are made with care are much more likely to benefit workers too. Infosys BPM states that ‘93% of the workers stay longer with a company that invests in their well-being’ and custom workwear, which is made in an ethical capacity, can contribute to this goal.

Materials & Fabrics To Consider

When designing custom workwear, the fabrics that are chosen will have a large impact on a company’s carbon footprint as well. Sustainable fabrics can be defined in three easy ways. Firstly, where does the material come from? Secondly, are the raw materials processed, and finally, what happens to the uniforms once they have reached the end of their life? Here at Jermyn Street Design, we strive to answer these questions in full and prioritise transparency with our clients. 

To answer the question of where sustainable materials come from, we would discuss some of the most eco-friendly fabrics currently available on the market. As ‘cotton is a natural fibre, and one of the most common fabrics out there’, it makes a great contribution to eco-friendly uniforms. As does organic linen, lyocell, bamboo and other recycled materials. However, there are also ‘a number of innovative new materials that are currently being trialled by leading consumer clothing brands’, such as Mylo, Bannatex and Kintra.

Secondly, when looking at how or if the materials are processed, we always speak openly with our clients. We want them to see the uniform design undertaking and understand how their own custom pieces come to be. We invite them to join us on our factory tours and to be as involved in the design process as possible. 

Finally, what happens to the uniforms once they have reached the end of their life? Even high-quality uniforms have a lifespan and with many manual or physical jobs, uniforms can suffer natural wear and tear. However, that doesn’t mean that fabric should simply be thrown away. ‘7.7 percent of municipal solid waste ends up in landfills’ and in order for a company to prioritise their carbon footprint, they will need to focus on how their uniforms are retired. Here at JSD, we assist you every step of the way, including when you need to dispose of old uniforms. We focus on repurposing fabrics and ensuring that unwanted materials do not end up in landfill. 

How Quality Reduces Waste 

The best way to benefit your company and the planet is to choose high-quality uniforms. Custom workwear is more likely to be better quality as they are made with a purpose and will take into account the job at hand.

 Unfortunately, one-size-fits-all is no longer the best practice and many businesses are moving away from this outdated tradition. One-size-fits-all uniforms are usually made with cheaper material and will actually cost more money in the long run, as they will need replacing much more frequently. High-quality uniforms will not tarnish or frey as easily.

As mentioned previously, we specialise in taking old uniforms and transforming them into something new. As part of our recycling initiative, we take uniforms which are destined for the landfill and incorporate them into current and fresh designs. Our top-notch team is able to use broken or damaged uniforms and create something great – and eco-friendly! 

Sustainable And Ethical Workwear Designed Around Your Needs – Jermyn Street Design

Every one of our clients benefits from our attention to detail that goes into our uniform designs. As well taking a company’s messaging and ideals into account, we also focus on bettering the planet. 

When working with our team, you are not only benefiting the well-being of your team, but you are also reducing your own carbon footprint. Get in contact with our team now if you are looking to improve your company’s image and customer perception and experience.

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