PPE & Your workplace


It’s a well-known fact that PPE will not only provide protection for your staff, it also makes them feel valued and increases morale.  That confidence in our employers has never been so necessary as now, as we contemplate returning to the workplace in a post-Covid market. 

Since the 1992 legislation passed requiring employers to provide protective wear in the workplace, PPE has been made available but in few sizes and with limited attention to the end users’ comfort and, consequently, effectiveness. 

One of the great outcomes of the Corona pandemic is the focus on PPE and how we make it effective, comfortable and consider all genders & body types with its design.  At jSD, it’s been our standard to design for different genders and body types and we couldn’t be more pleased that the mainstream is quickly catching onto the importance of designing in this fashion. 

This pioneering design philosophy will be an integral to our new line of Personal Protective Uniforms (PPU).

B E S P O K E U N I F O R M S . C U S T O M U N I F O R M S . S U S T A I N A B L E U N I F O R M S . E T H I C A L U N I F O R M S .