How Reusable PPE Could Save Your Business Thousands

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Personal protective equipment (PPE) has become a staple of our everyday lives. More than a year on from the first case of COVID-19 being recorded in the UK, masks and aprons have become the norm. In businesses across the country and the globe, this equipment is providing essential protection for staff and consumers – the WHO (World Health Organisation) proposes it can reduce transmission of the virus by up to 85 per cent.

PPE does come at a cost though. When the pandemic first struck in the early months of 2020, the cost of these protective products skyrocketed in line with demand. In April, the cost of face masks and sanitiser increased by a whopping 1,000 per cent and, even to this day, is sitting well above 400 per cent their standard price, according to reports.

And, of course, it isn’t just the financials of businesses which are being hit by the use of PPE – disposable equipment is having a considerable negative impact on the environment.

So, with businesses preparing to reopen their doors in line with the government’s roadmap to normality, what is going to happen? Here at JSD, we thought we’d delve into the true costs associated with disposable PPE and why now should be the time your business looks at the alternative – reusable PPE!

The true cost of disposable PPE

In regard to overall sustainability, reusable masks win in both respects when we consider the environmental and economic impact. Fabric masks can be washed and reused, obviously they aren’t being binned after every use, and contrary to popular belief, their comfort and protection improves the more you use them.

Of course, critics will point to the fact that the initial outlay on reusable masks is more – but, when you delve deeper into the financials, you’ll notice that the usable life of these products creates considerable savings in the long run!

Did you know that a certified, sustainably sourced, triple-layer fabric face mask can cost as little as £4? This is only 2.4 per cent of the average total yearly cost of disposable face masks!

Take a business that has 100 employees – you could be making savings of around £16,000 per year!  On average, disposable face masks set you back 45p each when bought in bulk. Using a disposable mask every day for a year will costs the princely sum of £164 which, for a business that employs 100 staff, will cost upwards of £16k a year – and that’s just face masks. Let’s not forget the protective screens that will need put up and the hand sanitiser that will need to be provided. As for masks of a surgical standard – well, you’ll be looking at around £30 per mask.

A number of businesses, particularly those that demand the use of PPE such as retail and hospitality, have been hit hard by the pandemic – finding ways of making savings is crucial, and transitioning from disposable to reusable is precisely one of those!

An opportunity to extend your brand

The benefits of reusable PPE extend beyond the monetary savings. Because your employees are spending the majority of their shift with their faces covered now, they aren’t able to share that friendly smile that has made your brand stand out as particularly welcoming and customer-centric!

So, what’s the solution? Use your facemasks and PPE as another way of defining your brand – customise it with the images and logos that your brand is defined by! Use your PPE as a way to reflect your company culture. Your company uniform has changed and now there are new items to think about – consider your face masks and PPE as another important part!

If you’ve any questions about bespoke, reusable PPE, contact us today!


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