jSD blog series: Common Complaints About Corporate Uniforms

ASCOT Uniform

“During our 40 years in the Corporate Wear Industry, JSD has been faced with challenges of every size and shape. No question the Covid crisis has required us to take special measures  to come up with a fit for purpose response.

With such a focus on safety in everything we do as we come out of lockdown, jSD is uniquely positioned to share our opinions on subjects such as right sizing and designing for different body types, incorporating protective wear items into existing uniform ranges and the importance, now more than ever, of good quality, all-inclusive uniform design.

Over the years, jSD has worked with world leading brands to design & develop clothes at work, that are fit for purpose, functional, provide protection where needed and offer durable & sustainable materials as standard.  With the post-Covid focus firmly on protecting our clients and staff alike, we thought that by addressing some of the misconceptions surrounding workwear, we could help more companies navigate the new waters of the post-lockdown working world.”

Beginning next week, we will be tackling the following topics:

Part 1 – My uniform is uncomfortable (the importance of designing for size)

Part 2 – Uniforms and cultural identity (embracing diversity in the workplace)

Part 3 – My uniform is outdated and not fit for purpose (contemporary design)

Part 4 – My uniform doesn’t allow me to express myself (uniforms with choice)

We hope you will join us to learn more about how corporate uniforms are a vital component in our new, more safety conscious marketplace.
B E S P O K E U N I F O R M S . C U S T O M U N I F O R M S . S U S T A I N A B L E U N I F O R M S . E T H I C A L U N I F O R M S .