Designing Re-useable Facemasks


At jSD, as an established supplier of PPE to NHS and other frontline workers, we have been pioneering PPU (Personal Protective Uniforms).  As part of the initiative to incorporate protective elements into our bespoke corporate uniforms, we have tasked ourselves to find the most effective and durable materials that will protect our clients staff, while remaining on brand.

A perfect example of this type of mindful production in the post-lockdown era is our reusable, washable masks, designed for Great Western Railways.  At jSD our designers and product development team have reacted quickly to develop an on brand, sustainable option for PPU masks.  Educating the wearer in safety is foremost in our mind, so we designed our packaging to inform each wearer of the functionality, safety elements and care of their new mask.
Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 16.03.58

As you can see in the product image below, not only is our mask a high quality anti-microbial and anti odor, but it is also designed to be used repeatedly and not simply discarded.  In this age of precaution, it has been very easy to slip into a one-wear and dispose frame of mind, but we have been actively seeking ways to make our PPU products sustainable for our clients, while remaining effective and safe too.

We will continue to lead the way when it comes to sustainability, ethical sourcing and effective re-use of protective equipment in the workplace.

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