Week 2: My Uniform Is Uncomfortable (the importance of designing for size and body shape)

Liz Earle Uniform

Well Designed Corporate Uniforms can deliver a major brand boost to your business and create pride in the wearer.

However, if they’re poorly designed and not fit for purpose, the effect can be equally as damaging to your company’s reputation. An ill-fitting uniform can cause limitations to work performance and productivity, reducing the level of company output and affecting staff morale.

There are several ways to ensure a better fit and a happier employee:Get the sizing right: There are smart sizing applications available now available to ensure accurate measurements, so when your uniform arrives, you can be sure it fits .

Cut the patterns to suit the job role:  A cosmetic consultant may not need to bend or stretch as much as a train operator!  This needs to be taken into consideration when designing a uniform – when you need to move, the clothes need to let you.

Build stretch and movement into the fabric: Garments can be modified using pleats, vents, splits and waist adjusters as required for the role.  Effective use of these techniques can really elevate a uniform, ensuring it is both stylish AND functional.

We find that more attention paid to good design, garment suitability and right sizing can mean all the difference between an employee coming to work full of positivity and an employee starting their day feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious.

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