Why You Need to Invest in Sustainable Trade Workwear Right Now

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Trade workwear has the power to foster a positive brand image and promote safety and well-being for your employees.

Workwear has evolved to embody not only quality but also sustainable production that ensures durable, long-lasting uniforms. That’s why organisations are investing in longevity and sustainability of workwear as a doorway to thriving business in a competitive environment.

Why is sustainable workwear is on the rise?

What’s unique about sustainable workwear is that the manufacturing process is ethical and doesn’t involve labour exploitation. The production method is as kind to the environment as possible. This means that less water is wasted, carbon emissions are lower, and less land is used for fibre production. The materials that are used are made from natural fibres, are durable, and have a long shelf life.

Sustainable clothing manufacturing is a result of increasing eco-awareness, government regulations, and changing consumer needs. Did you know that the UK alone generates about 4,000 tonnes of plastic microfibre pollution per year through clothes washing? 1,600 tonnes of this pollution ends up in our rivers and oceans, jeopardising our wildlife. Producing high-quality pieces using responsibly sourced materials can help combat the problem.

In order to meet rising industry demands, businesses are restructuring their supply chains. Many organisations are implementing eco-friendly workwear into their sustainability initiatives. Ann Dowdeswell, Sales and Marketing Director at the workwear supplier Jermyn Street Design, commented:

“There are a host of benefits to implementing high-quality sustainable workwear in your organisation. It helps position your business as eco-conscious, increases employee safety and satisfaction, and reduces costs in the long run, all while helping sustain the planet.”

Durability and longevity

One of the main reasons organisations are choosing sustainable workwear is durability. When you’re investing in eco-friendly uniforms, you’re also investing in a product with longevity. With the use of natural fibre, the lifespan of sustainable workwear is extended.

Workwear that is designed to last and is fit for purpose is what businesses can significantly benefit from. Following the manufacturing guidelines for garment care will also add to the clothing’s longevity.

There is yet another added benefit to workwear durability for your business. A long-term employee won’t need to invest in more work gear over and over if it is produced to be long-lasting, saving the company money in the long run.

Responsible disposal of the workwear clothing once it’s reached the end of its life cycle is also critical. For example, you can look to work with a recycling company, upcycle it, or donate it to a charity.

Safety and satisfaction of employees

Trade workwear is designed to provide employees with safety. According to HSE’s “Workplace fatal injuries in Great Britain, 2021” report, there were a total of 39 fatal injuries in Construction in 2020/21, which is slightly higher than the five-year average for fatal injuries in this sector (36). In Agriculture, forestry, and fishing, there were 34 fatal injuries in 2020/21, and 20 in Manufacturing.

Trade injuries are at the top of the fatal injuries chart, according to the report. This calls for the implementation of high-quality workwear designed for safety and protection. Workwear made from cheap synthetic materials won’t provide as much protection as durable clothing made from natural materials.

The purpose of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) extends far beyond providing safety. It also contributes to employees’ well-being and personal satisfaction. Wearing a uniform that is designed to last can increase workers’ confidence in their organisation, as the company is clearly investing in securing their health and safety, employees will feel valued and appreciated.

Increased brand awareness

Your employees are not only the back and bone of your company but also the face of your organisation. Happy, satisfied employees will present your company in a positive light to customers, investors, and the media.

They also act as brand ambassadors and dressing them in high-quality workwear can increase your brand image. With that in mind, consider logo placements and adopting a colour palette for better visibility. This will mean that your employees can be identified more easily and will aid in your marketing campaigns too.

Positioning your organisation as a thought leader in sustainability is also important. Articulate your eco-friendly initiatives, such as sustainable workwear, through your brand messages both on and offline.

Now more than ever it’s important to find a way to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. Recognising the benefits of high-quality sustainable workwear is the first step on the journey. It will also give you a peace of mind knowing that you’re doing your bit for the environment.




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