Jet2 Uniform

INDUSTRY-LEADING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE + SMART PREDICTIVE STOCK CONTROL + SUSTAINABILITY DRIVE and Jet2Holidays are consistently the top-ranked transport company on the UK Customer Satisfaction Index. has also won Best Airline UK and Best Low-Cost Airline Europe for the last two consecutive years in the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards. This acclaim reflects the company’s ‘Take Me There’ customer experience initiative, including a JSD redesign in 2017 of all pilot uniform, holiday rep, ground ops and Jet2 cabin crew uniforms. Flight attendant uniform plays an important role in brand trust for and Jet2Holidays as well as in the well-being, safety, pride and performance of the airline/tour operator’s employees. “The designs combine distinctive brand signatures, outstanding fit, advanced performance fabrics and functional excellence across all the different Jet2 jobs,” says JSD Account Manager Jane Hayden.

Jet 2 Pilot Uniform
Jet 2 Uniform
Jet 2 Uniform

JSD’s handling of the end-to-end operational lifecycle of the uniforms is also tailored to Jet2’s specific needs – from fast and reliable online ordering [with reference size sets at each airport] to smart predictive stock control and flexible, cost-effective logistics plus a dedicated JSD Account Manager based close to the airline’s Leeds HQ. “Wearer-driven designs and transparent, client-driven operations – that’s the key to our hugely enjoyable and close partnership with and Jet2Holidays,” says Jane Hayden. “We were thrilled to win from Jet2 their Great Service Award.” The Jet2-jSD partnership extends to collaboration on environmental initiatives too, including a response to targets set out in the UK government’s Aviation 2050 green paper.

In 2019 Jet2 participated in JSD’s Sustainability Workshop for clients, following which a raft of valuable initiatives were undertaken together. All Jet2 uniform fabrics are now recycled, a care initiative to extend durability is being trialled and garment packaging has been reduced and replaced with recycled materials. Compostable packaging is also in development with suppliers throughout the supply chain, and design changes have been made to facilitate the end-of-life deconstruction of Jet2 garments for recycling.

JSD also continues to operate a take back and store system for Jet2 uniforms at the end of the holiday season, extending the life-span of garments among returning seasonal staff. “Jet2 senior leadership and staff are passionate about uniforms that are ‘emotionally’ as well as functionally fit for purpose,” says JSD founder Susanne Malim. “For all our clients, sustainability is increasingly a key factor in wearer well – being.”


The fact we that we keep outperforming other tour operators and airlines is no accident… our philosophy is all about giving customers a best in class service so that they keep coming back.