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Bespoke Uniform Design

We have our own in-house design team and our own pattern cutters, working with clients to build their brands across the UK and Europe. ‘One style fits all’ is not for us – or for you. At JSD we understand that each client’s needs and budgets are unique.

Measuring Design

Staff Uniform Design - Our Team Working Together

Uniform Design Mood Board

“The in-house design team at JSD is innovative, creative and so responsive to our requirements.”

Kenneth Green Associates

At JSD, you get access to creative innovation and exclusive design. Creative innovation that works with the newest style trends and fabric developments. Exclusive design that wins awards for our clothes and our clients, year on year.

At the outset, we do our utmost to understand your brand, the requirements of your staff and their specific job roles. Then we develop JSD mood boards that give you a choice of design concepts and bring your brief to life. The boards define the image that will work best for your brand.

The design process also delivers:

  • Colour palette choices
  • Silhouette, garment and styling trend options
  • Fabric and trim specification
  • Competitor research

We don’t leave quality to chance. How do you know we’ll give you the perfect cut and fit? Because our pattern cutters take the approved design and create and cut the pattern, then refine the detail. That’s what makes us stand out from other companies.

Just as soon as your bespoke patterns are cut and refined, we have samples machined in-house. Our designers and pattern cutters sign them off. Then we do wearer trials, to make sure the uniforms are fit for purpose. To meet the needs of all your people, we can adapt the designs for a maternity range and create styles that respect cultural diversity.  You want your staff to take pride in what they wear – and so do we.

Our specialist garment and fabric technicians oversee the quality at every stage. Once you have approved the first garments, they send the technical specifications to our global manufacturing partners. We tell them how we want your designs made – not the other way around. From design through development, you benefit from our end-to-end product control.

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